The definition of boutique: – A business that serves a sophisticated or specialized clientele. We believe that each individual student has a unique preference and each individual course has its own characteristic. Only a boutique approach has an answer to this complication. Hence, we define ourselves as an education boutique, Gradsmate! The first ever Education Boutique.

Gradsmate is a recognized Malaysia based overseas education consultancy. It is operated by a team of enthusiastic education experts who have studied and lived abroad for more than ten years. We have extensive experience in the overseas education market with top universities since 2007.

These days, students are well aware that right education choice determines their future career path. Being boutique, we are focused and we will serve a sophisticated clientele, which has an expectation of a personalized service. Hence, the goal of our patient and knowledgeable team members is to tailor-make a comprehensive education solution for each of the students who walks in our door. Gradsmate ensures that we deliver current and precise information about our partner universities to our students and parents so that they are equipped to make the best decision for their circumstances and one they will never regret. Please take a look at our ‘Student Testimonials’.